Talcum Powder Machinery

Talcum Powder Machinery

In recent years, industrial development needs and Talcum Powder Machinery promote the continuous improvement of performance, talc and other minerals have also been greatly expanded range of applications in the industrial, food and medicine have important applications.

Talc Powder Application

Talc is widely distributed in China a non-metallic minerals, it is also typical of silicate minerals. Among the scrap metal in the ore, talc is one of the lowest hardness, the Mohs hardness scale is 1. Kaolin, talc slowly replacing become coated paper pigment, on the one hand is the development of science and technology, digging out the talc deeper values, on the other hand that, with the reduction of kaolin, there must be other materials to replace it as a pigment the main raw material. Talcum powder can be developed to this point, that the objective conditions, there are bound condition. Talcum Powder Machinery is essential for the production of talc machine.

Talcum Powder Machinery Features

Our new Talcum Powder Machinery has the following characteristics:
1. Using arc duct, the inlet air smoother, more conducive materials scattered and difficult to blocking material;
2. Talcum Powder Machinery adopted instead of the original gear reducer drive, more compact, work efficiency;
3. The use of advanced lubrication system, automatic lubrication effect can be achieved, reducing parts wear protective equipment uptime;
4. Talcum Powder Machinery surface observation window, avoiding the duct scroll swirl effect, the steady flow more smoothly;
5. Talcum Powder Machinery curved blade design, and high wear-resistant material, so that the blade higher efficiency, longer life, increased material and roller mill ring contact area, to increase production.

Talcum Powder Machinery Supplier

Our experts Talcum Powder Machinery grinding roller and grinding rollers made ​​major changes, after several grinding material from the top down to make full use of the role of the roller centrifugal force, a large area of ​​contact with the grinding ring, thereby producing a very high fineness talc. Mainly talc fineness between 5-45 microns. Talcum Powder Machinery design changed the structure of the traditional mill, grinding roller and grinding ring with carbide, greatly extended service life, does not require frequent replacement of wearing parts, which greatly improves the efficiency, and therefore the new Talcum Powder Machinery the price is relatively high prices of other mills.

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