Super-Fine Rotor Style Powder Separator

Super-Fine Rotor Style Powder Separator

KX series Super-fine Rotor Style Powder Separator is made base on the domestic and foreign advanced technology and further design optimization.


1. easy control and adjust

2. high grading accuracy

3. low consumption

4. suit multi-environment


It is improved on the basis of whirlwind powder separator, to use whirlpool theory on the rotary powder separator. It is an ouside circular rotary powder separator. It is usually equipped with mill improving the ginding efficiency and product capacity, the separating efficiency can be up to 80-85%, and the fitness adjustment is very easy, and the practice and maintenance are also very convenient.


1. It classifies materials into three phases, i. e., “coarse powder(d>150um)”, “MID-coarse powder(60um).

2. T-Sepax High efficiency three-phase separation powder concentrator has been remarkably improved regarding handling capacity and powder separation efficiency compared with centrifugal type, cyclone type or rotor type of powder concentrator. Therefore, it is more applicable for the needs of large-scale production. The advance & proper structure allow the powder grading(separation) wind rate, output and feed volume to change within big range without affecting the powder separation efficiency. The grading performance is very stable.

3. It owns advanced grading principle. Combined with multiple powder separation principles, it uses aeronautical aero-dynamical analysis method to conduct optimistic design to the whole flow field and it has remarkably reduced equipment resistance, the energy-saving and cost-reducing effect is very remarkable. The rotor of the powder concentrator is equipped with vortex rectifier which has obtained national patent, the air flow in the rotor only rises but does not rotate relative to the rotator, after the air flow enters, the push force to the rotor is reduced due to the action of the momentum, thus driving power is saved and abrasion is reduced.

After twice of powder separation to the material, the grading precision is higher and more precise.

4. The main shaft of the powder concentrator uses stepless speed regulating, fineness is convenient to adjust, the adjustment is sensitive and reliable with wide adjustable range.

5. It has optimistically re-designed the spatial range of powder separation area and hoisting area, it fully makes use of main body space, therefore it has increased material-gas ratio and increased powder separation efficiency.

6. The wearing part locations, such as spreader tray, cyclone cylinder snail angle, guide vane and rotor grading vane etc. Are all made or anti-wear material or it has undergone anti-wear process, therefore the abrasion rate is extremely low. Use new type of manganese plate as the inner lining and it has effectively prolonged the service life.
8. Lower bearing seal of the main shaft uses new design scheme and it has effectively solved the two problems, i. e., dust entrance into bearing and lubrication oil leakage and the lower bearing service life has been effectively prolonged.
9. While designing foundation of the powder separator, mechanical vibration damping principle is used to make the resonant frequency between the powder separator and the foundation not approximate to natural frequency of the powder separator and natural frequency of a foundation, thus it has solved the vibration problem of powder separator which has been besetting user factories.

Technical data

Model JX500 JX600 JX700 JX800 JX900 JX1000 JX1200
Capacity 20-30 30-40 40-70 70-90 90-100 100-120 120-150
40(μ m)
Main shaft rotate speed 190-380 150-350 150-320 120-300 120-300 120-280 120-280
Rotate speed
YCTL225-4A ACTL225-4B YCTL250-4A Y250M-6 Y280-6 Y315S-6 Y315M-6
125-1250 225-1250 125-1250 980 980 990 990
11 15 18.5 37 55 75 90
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