Manganese Crusher


In the earth’s crust the content of manganese accounts for 15th, is 0.09%. Including 12% manganese’s copper alloy, its resistance is constant, not by the influence that environment Leng Re changes, in the electrical material is the unusual good material.

Manganese features & application

If mixes in 3.5% manganese in the steel, the manganese steel is similar to the glass is equally crisp; If mixes in 13% manganese in the steel, such manganese steel both hard, and is tenacious, becomes the performance outstanding alloy steel. The manganese steel cannot be magnetized, available needs the antimagnetic spot in the ship.
In the modern industry, the manganese and chemical compound apply in each domain of national economy. And the iron and steel industry is the most important domain, accounts for 90%~95% with the manganese quantity, mainly and steel-making process as the deoxidizer and devulcanizing agent in iron-smelting, as well as is used to make the alloy.
Other 10%~5% manganese are used in other industrial fields, like the chemical industry (makes various kinds to contain manganic salt class) and so on. In brief, the manganese has important strategic position in the national economy.
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