Magnetite Iron Ore Processing

Magnetite Iron Ore Processing

Magnetic separator is usually used for separating the fine-grained strong magnetic minerals, or removing strong magnetic minerals from non-magnetic minerals. With a deep magnetic field, the machine can make a continuous row of ore feeding and discharge. It also has enough working clearance and high processing capabilities.

Magnetite Iron Ore Processing Methods

Our Magnetite Iron Ore grade is generally low, ore gangue dissemination size is often greater than Magnetite Iron Ore of dissemination size, ore crushing process, the first monomer dissociation is gangue, early in the dissociation of gangue particles elected avoided because gangue participate Magnetite Iron Ore grinding mill or gangue had wasted energy and materials. Therefore, the use phase Magnetite Iron Ore grinding can achieve energy saving. Practice has proved that the lower ore grade, using the stage grinding and separation of the more significant economic benefits. Especially the use of “super coarse granular magnetic tailing ” process, namely the process of magnetic separation abandoned mill tailings to 1 ~ 5mm, the more prominent of energy conservation, energy, yield.

Magnetite Iron Ore Processing

Crushing, Magnetite Iron Ore grinding, tailings transport is Magnetite Iron Ore Processing important part. Magnetite Iron Ore crushing effects of high power consumption of the grinding for many reasons, such as ore mining waste rock mixed in a large increase of crushing, Magnetite Iron Ore grinding and processing capacity; Crushing, Magnetite Iron Ore grinding process without breaking selectivity, large crushing ratio; mill itself, linings and Magnetite Iron Ore grinding media movement power consumption; into the mill products large granularity; low-grade efficiency, increase the mill circulating load; low tailings concentration and so on. This determines reduce fragmentation, Magnetite Iron Ore Mine mill tailings way to transport electricity consumption must also be integrated technical measures in order to achieve the desired results.

Some Advice For Magnetite Beneficiation Process

Utilization of Mineral Resources, Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Sciences expedition through the process and found that the presence of Magnetite Iron Ore Processing segment Magnetite Iron Ore grinding and classification cyclic load is low, the effective volume of the small section of Magnetite Iron Ore grinding machine, rationality unsatisfactory grading system, Magnetite iron Ore Processing difficult to achieve production targets, given the design of high grade iron ore, Sec no wealthy mill effective volume of space, two fine magnetic magnetic tailings and tailings exist ” titanium Magnetite Iron Ore mine partial loss through increased scavenging “and other issues, proposals for:
1. Between the period of Magnetite Iron Ore Mine and grinding cyclone discharge increased linear shaker or spiral classifier, separated except 2 mm or 3 mm or more parts, to eliminate excessive influence of large particles of cyclone improve Magnetite Iron Ore grinding and classification cyclic loading;
2. Reduce settling mouth diameter cyclone, cyclone overflow improve -0.074 mm size fraction content;
3. Increase the proportion of some Magnetite Iron Ore grinding machine 100 mm steel balls;
4. After finishing second magnetic and magnetic increased scavenging operations, scavenging operations were considered 1800Oe magnetic field strength and 1700Oe, scavenger concentrate directly into Sec Magnetite Iron Ore grinding;
5. Add a series to meet the design processing capacity 650 tons/year;
6. Increase the proportion Sec -40 mm steel ball mill, improving newborn ‘s ability to -0.074 mm size fraction Sec Magnetite Iron Ore grinding.

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