Gravel Crusher


Gravel-What refers to is the mantle rock Confucian classics carved on stone current of water long-term transporting becomes the particle size that is the 2~60mm non-edges and corners natural aggregate.Is the one kind of name in deposit classificatio

Gravel crushing equipment

Gravel crusher and other optional equipments such vibrating feeder, vibrating screen and so on can make up gravel crushing plant or gravel crusher line used for more efficiency crushing. Gravel crusher plant is the ideal production equipment for sand making process, bedding material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate processing.
n. Often indicated by mark G. Refers to the average grain diameters being bigger than 1 millimeter rock or the mineral detrital materials.

According to average grain diameter sizes, may subdivide the broken stone for the boulder, the thick gravel and fine gravel three kinds: Average grain diameter 1-10 millimeters, called the fine gravel; 10-100 millimeters, called thick gravel; Is bigger than 100 millimeters, called boulder. After the broken stone silk glue forms the crag, called the conglomerate or the breccia.
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