Clay processing plant

Clay processing plant

In ultrafine mill, the clay is grinded combined with wet or dry method. After iron removal by magnetic separation, it can be directly applied to preparing processes, like ceramics production, cement preparation, paper manufacturing industry, stuffing preparation, etc.

Clay Grinding Machine

The primary clay belongs to mixed stones with uneven volume, containing stone dust, sand grains, and blocks. In order to fully apply stones to porcelain, fire-resistant materials and stuffing, we must grind fine-sized clay minerals into powder or pulpy industry materials. As for the grinding process, ball mill is the best choice, because it grinds clay minerals by dry or wet method.

Clay Dry Grinding Process

The clay raw materials produced through dry grinding technology are mainly applied to the production of cement preparing, raw materials of muffle painting, paper manufacturing industry, and porcelain granule. In the process of dry grinding, ores in mill cavity are crushed under abrasion force, impulse force, and extrusion force.

Clay Wet Grinding Process

The clay raw materials made through wet grinding method are mainly applied to production process of porcelain and fire-resistant materials. By wet grinding of clay, materials are processed in watery environment. When stones enter into ball mill, they are crushed under strong impulse effect.

Three Kinds of Clay Iron-removal Flotation Separations

Flotation can be divided into three kinds: The first one is fluorine-acid method. This method is widely used for good flotation effect, easy control, and steady index. However, abration of fluorinion to earth and its damage to ecological environment are serious. The second one is no fluorine-acid method. The biggest advantages are avoiding using fluorinion which has damage to environment and steady production index. But the abration of strong acid to dressing plants cannot be ignored. This method has rather high requirements for dressing plants. The third one is the method without fluorine and acid. Under natural pH condition, through the reasonable allocation of zwitterions collector, a special high concentration environment of ore slurry flotation is created, which can preferentially floating impurity minerals. However, to this day, this method is not widely used for strict demands for raw sand processing and ore slurry environment, also it is not easy to control in production.

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