Calcite Crusher


Xuanshi calcite crusher builds for the calcite specially stave. Caters to the calcite various characters of ore, disposes the specialized calcite ore crushing plant.

Calcite features & application

The calcite is one kind of calcium carbonate mineral, in the natural calcium carbonate most common is it. Therefore, the calcite is one kind of distribution very broad mineral. Calcite crystal shape are many and varied, their aggregates may be the bunches of crystals, may be granular, massive and fibrous, stalactitic, earthy and so on. The rap calcite may obtain many square shape fragment, therefore famous calcite.
The Calcite ore fine dust is used in the artificial stone, the man-made floor tile, the natural rubber, the synthetic rubber, coating, plastic, the compound new calcium plastic, electric cable and papermaking Glass, medicine, paint, printing ink, electric cable and electric power insulation, food, spinning and weaving, feed and cementing agent, not only may reduce various industries the product cost, but may also enhance the role and performance of relevant product, plays to increase the product the volume, is one of use broadest Fan’s inorganic packing parent materials.
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